Activity available at Colchester & Chelmsford

The Bag is a giant airbag that acts as a crash mat where you can practise your flips or just fly through the air, safely landing on this enormous inflatable bag.

The Bag is an air-filled pillow at the end of a runway trampoline. Jumpers of any age revel in taking a run up along the trampolines followed by an impressive leap, flip, stunt or somersault into the soft, safe and hygienic crash mat that is, The Bag.

The Bag is a favourite of all ages, especially during our Jump Tots toddler sessions!

The Rules

  • Never dive head first into the bag.
  • Do not enter if others are in the way.
  • Safely land on your feet, bum or back.
  • Remove all items from your pockets.
  • Exit as quickly as you can.