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Our rules and guidelines are designed to keep everyone safe and minimise the chance of injury. You will also find these rules displayed around Jump Street. Please read them carefully and follow them.

Entering the Park

  • Have you signed your waiver? Entry to Jump Street will not be allowed until you have.
  • Jump Street approved socks must be worn to ensure good grip.
  • All sharp objects, including jewellery and hats, must be removed.
  • All keys, coins and loose objects, must be removed from your pockets and stored safely.
  • Never jump when pregnant or of ill health.
  • No jumping when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • No food or drink on or near the trampolines.

Whilst Jumping

  • No laying down or sitting on a trampoline.
  • Always land with both feet together or on your bum, never on just one foot.
  • Always jump within the coloured pads and aim for the centre of the trampoline. Never jump onto the coloured pads.
  • Never jump onto another person’s trampoline. This is strictly not allowed. One Trampoline – One person.
  • No double bouncing, (bouncing someone else higher).
  • You can bounce from one trampoline to another providing there is no-one on them and no flips or somersaults between trampolines.
  • No running from one trampoline to another.
  • No fighting or wrestling whilst on the trampolines.
  • Watch out for other jumpers and always allow smaller jumpers right of way.
  • Don’t attempt any activity beyond your skill level.
  • Listen and follow the advice of the Court Marshals at all times. We are here to help you.
  • It is strictly prohibited to take mobile phones or Photographic Equipment onto the trampolines.

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