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Jump-Start Your Fitness in 2019

21st December 2018 - Blog

Over-indulging on the festive treats – we’re all guilty of it – but the start of a new year is a great opportunity to jump-start your well-being and shed those extra pounds with fitness classes at Jump Street!

Trampoline fitness is an awesome way to keep fit, lose weight and importantly, have fun!

Our classes are suitable for people of all abilities and fitness levels, packing a healthy dose of calorie-burning cardio and a rush of endorphins, no matter your experience level! All our classes are led by professional, encouraging fitness instructors who will push your energy levels to new heights – and keep the upbeat tunes bouncing!

Enjoying trampoline fitness classes at Jump Street can help to:

Reduce body fat and improve muscle tone
Jumping or jogging on the trampoline delivers an excellent cardiovascular workout that won’t immediately wear you out. This allows you to exercise for a sustained period, at your own pace, without feeling overly fatigued, which is perfect for burning body fat, increasing your metabolism and improving your overall health and fitness.

Our classes are also specifically designed to work on your core strength and improve muscle tone, particularly in your thighs, abdomen, arms and hips. Over time, you’ll also notice a positive impact on your posture, balance and agility.

Boost your immune system
The full-body workout that our classes deliver are guaranteed to raise your heart rate and work up a sweat, which is excellent news for your immune system. Regularly including trampoline exercise in your fitness schedule is a great way to bolster your immunity, whilst removing toxins as well as fighting and preventing infections in the body.

Strengthen your skeleton
Trampoline exercise is a great way to strengthen your bones, tendons and ligaments. Reinforcing your bone density can help with the prevention of conditions such as osteoporosis and certain forms of arthritis. Whilst you’re bouncing away to your heart’s content, the trampoline surface absorbs most of the ‘shock’ from the rebound; this absorption greatly reduces the stress and impact on your bones and joints – as well as the risk of muscular injury.

Jump Street’s fitness classes are guaranteed to put the joy back into your 2019 exercise regime. With classes running weekly at both parks, there’s never been a better time to jump in!

Check out our full selection of classes and get yourself booked in today!

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